toenail-fungusSeniors have their ailments, the usual ravages of age. Most are inconsequential and don’t threaten life or limb. Serious problems are the major concern and it behooves us all to seek medical help on a regular basis. Prevention is a lost art, however, and more and more people need to address this neglect. Apart from your major screening tests for the colon, the lungs, and the heart, there are times when you need to look at the hands and the feet. The fingernails and toenails can tell a story about what is going on deep inside. If they are discolored or have ridges it means something is wrong. Yikes!

Now what about the feet. Other than bunions, and God knows we have them, what else is there to worry about? Don’t we have enough on our minds? Apparently not, because according to the latest TV ads, toenail fungus is a major crisis. “Seriously,” says the announcer, “you have to fight it with… something (I forgot the name).” And pow, you see a mighty boxing glove do its job. Since there is a miracle cure out there, I guess we can ignore the yellow mess under the big toenail for now and later slather it with this solution. I had to go searching online to find it, but I found this page for the treatment. Who knows what potent potion is in there, but it is said to work. Fungus be gone. There should be no fungus among us.

All kidding aside, nail fungus is tough resilient stuff. It won’t kill you, but then again it won’t ever go away. It is unsightly and embarrassing. There was a time we had to suffer its curse in silence. Now the minute you see discoloration, especially that yellowish motley hue, you are ready with an advanced medical weapon. So you see, seniors, you have a remedy for everything, even the slightest ailment. Although this age group is not targeted specifically, it does have its fair share of fungus. So…don’t be an unfortunate footnote in the history of the disease. Get relief however you can.