Living Life to the Fullest

It is a gift to know how to live life to the fullest, and if you don’t have it, you can hope that it will be a present from others. What should we do to get the most of life? If you don’t already know, there are all kinds of sayings and stories, and I have read them with an open mind. I want to know this deep dark secret. I think I can recognize it. You see people who are exuberant and happy and they exude something special that attracts other people. They seem to go places and see things and experience joy all at the same time. Wow! It is one great way to live.

You can learn to do it better and it can’t be done all the time. If you can do it half the time, you are in a pretty good spot. If you can do it three-quarters of the time, you are in an even better position, and if you can top 80% you are on your way to a rich and rewarding existence.

I will take what I can get. I enjoy good food and a tasty treat now and then. I adore animals and know they make great companions, sometimes better than people. I love kids and the wonder they bring to the world. We can learn to look at things with fresh eyes. I see glory in the ordinary and promise in the dull and ordinary. I think all this qualifies somewhat as living life to the fullest.

I admire nature and take the time to notice simple visual things like white clouds in a blue sky and bright green grass laden with wild flowers. I hike to catch a glimpse of mountain vistas that spread out for miles. I will take a trip anytime to the sea to witness what it means to see forever. I think all this qualifies as living life to the fullest.

I think that I am very lucky indeed to have what I have and to look forward to more. I won’t stop here. I know that living life to the fullest means you continue to grow as a person and fulfill the youthful dreams that never stop. You need an open mind and heart they say, and I know this to be true. People envy you when you show evidence of a welcoming attitude toward the world, and don’t shut yourself off from experience. It means taking chances sometimes and trying new things. It means becoming a new person from time to time, like shedding your skin and growing a new, tougher one. It means being inured to pain but not to feeling.

I think it would be a different world if we all tried to live life to the fullest and stopped worrying about our possessions and territories and problems and manias. We focus so much on ideology and belief and what is right for everyone. But we are not all alike. The only thing man has in common is the desire to live life to the fullest.

I think it would be helpful to teach others how to do this and how to make it a priority. Happiness is magical, but we don’t know how to suspend our judgments to attain it. We worry and fret and fume, and don’t live life to the fullest. So take this blog as your call to action so you can apply what I have said and make it your own. Compare your own thoughts on the subject to see if we concur. Happiness is such an expansive concept and can encompass so many things: something different for everyone, but surely a lot in common.

Some people look back to the past with regret, but I believe it isn’t too late to start now to live life to the fullest. You can make up for lost time. Just look in your grandchildren’s eyes, or your dog’s sweet little face. Pick some roses from your garden and put them in a vase. Little things mean a lot (I learned that from an old song). You can start changing your perspective and try to live in the moment, not in the past. The future is okay, too, but it is yet to come.

I dare you to come out of your shell of convenience and life a new life, yes at your age. Think of the people you know who live well and know how to embrace happiness. If you have done it before, you can do it again, and even more so than ever. Isn’t it wonderful! Living life to the fullest.