As older folk, we hope we can live up to the old adage about age and wisdom. You know it well. It may be more true that you can teach an old dog new tricks. It just depends on the issue in question. But most every time, we are a bunch of golden oldies with a youthful spirit so we are open to the advice of the young. We try to seek their opinions out to give us fodder for discussion. It is what keeps you going forward with confidence into the future and keeps the mind agile and vital. Life is rich and rewarding if you look for the best of existence in every nook and cranny. Living life to the fullest are not idle words. We know that good and bad things happen, but we can maximize the positive with a great attitude.

Not long ago, a few of us got together to discuss the way of the world at present. This is our favorite pastime—too mull over matters as a group and to compare solutions to the world’s problems. We select different topics, some of which appeal to the young. We invite some younger guests just to mix things up. It can make for a lively interaction. NO heated arguments, mind you. It is gentle controversy at best. We were sitting in a poorly lit restaurant having cup after cup of rich, hot coffee when one of the young people asked why we were having trouble reading the menu. After all, we all wore glasses. He was sure we were going to make a mistake in ordering lunch. Why such concern, we all thought. Was he being overly solicitous, mocking and derisive, or simply wanting to move things along. While he was patient enough, he started to make gestures about getting on with ordering. He finally left the table for a moment, went outside to his car, and returned with a LED flashlight. “Here buddies,” he said. “Use this.” Okay, it was a great idea and we didn’t have such a tool on us—not a one. It was like magic. You could see every tiny printed word on the menu so you could order with confidence exactly what you wanted.

The flashlight made the rounds of the table and the ordering could proceed. We were all fascinated by the difference the magnification made, not to mention the extra light in that dim place. You can bet that the next time we are out, there will be more than one of these in our pockets. It is the sort of thing you want to take everywhere you go. It took a young pair of eyes to see our folly of trying to read a miniscule menu in a poorly-lit restaurant. As I said above, we love to learn from the young. Now what can we offer back? We suggested some new books that we have just read, some movies we like, and some new TV history shows that are sure to grab anyone’s attention. So, there you are. Share and share alike.